Goddess Kali

Kali is a Hindu goddess that has been called the goddess of death and destruction. But, to be frank, Kali only brings death to the selfish and delusional ego. Kali is a fierce and fearless destroyer of evil and negativity, liberator of the soul and the goddess of enlightenment. To someone who is deeply attached to their ego, Kali can appear as angry and dangerous. She is a beautiful manifestation of the ever loving mother earth´s unlimited compassion. That which clears away the old with natural storms and fires, in attempt to make the soil fertile for the new harvest and new life.

Goddess Kali

Last winter my friend and amazing photographer Kristina Tsvetkova (http://www.facebook.com/elanorphotography) suggested that we´d take some photos together during the coming summer out in the nature. Early summer I got an idea to make the session about the Goddess Kali. I then asked my friend, talented make-up artist, Elina Marttila join us  (http://www.mamamakeup.fi).
Before the shooting we were thinking about the props with Kristina. For example, usually Kali is represented with knives in her hands and bloody sculls at her feet. Well somehow that seemed a bit complex to us, so we came to a conclusion that we would do this our own way and with the stuff that we find from our own cupboards. We gathered all the jewelry we could find from our homes and I found and old red Ikea curtain from my attic. We wrapped that around me with safety pins, and boom, we had a beautiful dress.

I am interested in Kali’s fierce and furious energy. So often, us women, we grow up to be overly good girls, which then makes it hard for us learn to set our boundaries and put ourselves first without feeling guilty. Not to mention what this kind of niceness does to women’s sexuality, life force and the will to be creative. I am so fed up with this good girl in me, the one that so easily carries guilt about everything. Not interested anymore! Sometimes we need destructive force, in the sense that we can move forward. You have to be able to destroy the old, if you want to give birth to something new.
We can imagine, that those bloody heads laying at Kali’s feet, are the obstacles of our minds. They stop the connection to the true self, our self-empowerment and real freedom. So let’s chop some heads.


The day of the shooting was absolutely amazing! We met at my place in the morning and Elina started to do the makeup. We discussed the issues that each of us wanted to grow out of and we asked Kali’s help and energy to join us. The whole day went with gorgeous flow and I felt amazing standing in front of the camera.

That day I didn’t experience any self criticism, carefulness or shame. Only pure feelings of freedom and power. I felt 100% natural.



Have to say that this human life is an amazing ride. It is a never ending balancing act. Exploration, finding, stumbling and getting up again. And it’s such a paradox, because all your life you learn and gather information and beliefs into yourself and create this so called personality. Then under all that hard work, in our center, there lives peacefully a completely pure and untouched essence. An essence that is all and is connected to everything. It is something that is hard to understand with the mind. For me the realization of this, has come slowly through my body, heart and silence.

Anywise you need bags full of humor and the ability to not take yourself and life too seriously or you loose your nerves.


It was truly fantastic to connect to this side in myself. To feel myself strong and aggressive, but at the same time, completely in love. For me Kali is the manifestation of enormous self appreciation. She defends fearlessly this limitless love that is in the center of everyone and everything. Amazing character – that’s all I can say!

Have a beautiful day ya’ll!
With ❤️ Amira

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