Power of the name

They say, that before a soul incarnates into the physical body and to the Earth, it reveals it’s name to the parents . My name is Amira Susanna Khalifa.
When I was young I resented my name. I felt it was weird and too different from others. I wanted to be Ronja, from the movie Ronja Robbers Daughter. I tried different nicknames like Ami, Suski and Amppu. In girl scouts I was Apple.. no idea where that came from.
At some point I finally accepted my name, but it never had any special meaning for me.
It was just a name.

Few years ago, I started to think about the fact,-that we all have names. I realized that a name has to have a deeper meaning, as nothing in this life is ever a coincidence.
Name can’t be just a pile of letters forming a sound, to which we are accustomed to react.
I started to investigate and explore what my name meant for me.

Amira means princess in arabic, that I had always known. For me a princess is someone noble, worthy and appreciated. She inherits the land and is born with great responsibility and prosperity. All little girls want to be princesses. Princess marries a handsome prince and lives a beautiful, magical life. I started to play with this idea.
I am a princess.. I am a princess.. I had sensations of warmth, power, self-appreciation, gentleness and dignity.



A month ago I got an inspiration to investigate the meanings of my other names and started to google them. Susanna means graceful lily and rose. I thought, what is a ”lily” like. It is a gorgeous flower, that has a stunning scent. A lily gets the attention of every person entering a space. I played with the words further: ”full of grace”. Rose on the other hand is the queen of all flowers and the symbol of love. It helps the heart to open and heal. I red that in the bible Susanna was a woman, who served the Christ. For me personally Jesus Christ was an old soul and master, who came to teach Christ conciseness, oneness and help mankind in its spiritual evolution: letting go of the ego and suffering.
My last name Khalifa means ”the one who will succeed”.

This all was quite a bit. I needed to just breathe for a while. I took my time and then  said to myself – I am all this.

We hear our name quite frequently. We also say our name out loud when we are introducing ourselves. If we know the message, the meaning and the roots of our name, it could serve like a powerful strengthening mantra. It could be something that uplifts, supports, energizes and enforces what we are, every time we say it or hear it.

Many people change their name when the one that was given doesn’t feel right. My friend Taina fell in love with sailing few years back. After that, this woman has started to glow in a very strong and special way. Like a person falling in love. We all know that those strong feelings we experience in the beginning of a relationship usually fade a bit after a while, but in this case she is still looking at the world with pink eye glasses. Few weeks back Taina was on a sailing trip and the crew decided to invent nicknames to all people on board. Taina said that she had always loved the name Tara and chose that. When she came home, she asked me to  start calling her Tara. I asked if she knew what it meant, but she didn’t. Straight away I started researching the meaning from the internet. I have to say, our jaws dropped when we saw what name she had chosen for herself. Tara is the goddess of the sea – a female Buddha – star – shining. Crazy!


                 Have a beautiful day ya’ll!
                 With ❤️Amira 

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