Wonderful men

Past months have been quite hardcore in the world, because of all the crazy conflicts. People are sad, angry and scared. But, I have to say, that this fear based energy, that storms around, has it’s opposite too. Lot of good is happening and people wake to think what is important. If I think, when have I grown the most, it has always happened through a crisis. Crisis is nothing to be afraid of, it is always a possibility. They have brought nothing but good in my life. Maybe humanity is making a massive leap in growth, because it is in such a crisis. Through my own life, I have slowly started to trust more and more, that all is in divine order and everything has a purpose. I choose to think that I live in a loving universe and everyday I choose to trust and focus in good.



I was having lunch with my friend, in a restaurant called Onda. The two of us were sitting in a table meant for four. The restaurant was full, and soon two guys in their thirties asked, if they could join us.. We were eating (amazing food I have to say) and catching up. Our jaws nearly dropped, when one of the guys sitting next to us said to the other, that he feels, that his energetic body is in a mess. Secretly we started listening to their conversation. It was so beautiful! They both talked enthusiastically about their growth towards greater love and clarity. They shared deep wisdoms, without any sarcasm. We went completely silent.
Soon my friend whispered: ”do you notice, that we’re not talking anymore and pretty soon they will notice that we’re eavesdropping”. I didn’t care, I was so concentrated on what was happening in my body. As I was listening to these men, my body relaxed completely. I became all soft. Then I realized that my body’s reaction was connected to the fact that there was a clear, loving and grounded masculine energy present and my body was just reflecting it. I had this feeling, that I can now let go.

When a man realizes and becomes conscious of the fact, that he has a higher purpose, he has such an harmonizing and balancing effect on women and to all his surroundings. These men have done work with themselves.They took responsibility for their lives, their feelings, their actions and pains.
When one of them started to talk about Buddha and the endless sea, thats when my friend had had enough and gave us up. It was wonderful! Filled with excitement and joy, we told them how amazing it felt to meet men like them and we gave them all the respect they deserved. One of them said, that the world is rapidly changing for the better and more and more people are waking up from a dream. The other one shared, that as a child he had learned, that men should not cry. He had lived most of his life in this assumption, but now knows that it is bullshit. We talked together for a while longer about our experiences in life and about that one passion we all shared. That of course is love and growth.



Then we said our goodbyes. Everyone had a huge smile on their face, as we all went to our own directions. We didn’t even introduce ourselves with our names, but it really didn’t matter. I got an enourmous gift. I felt it all over my body and I learned great deal during that lunch. People get fed up. They stop and start asking questions like: am I living my own life? Do I enjoy my life? Who am I really? More and more people, are not satisfied in constantly reliving their past and pleasing others. Instead they choose to go through a deep and, a lot of times, painful self-examination process. They decide to let go of the things that don’t bring good in their lives and go back to appreciating themselves. This world we live in is filled with sources of joy and the good and the light in it, is exponentially growing. So let’s not give up hope.

Have a fantastic day!
With ❤️ Amira

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