Couple of months ago I went to a body/energy treatment, in which the focus became about surrendering and about the fact that the whole concept was incomprehensible to me. Even though my energy healer, Auli, patiently explained to me the purpose and meaning of surrendering, I had no clue what she was talking about. I felt ashamed as in the end I admitted this and asked: Could you explain me that thing again, what was it…? Auli was so loving and understanding. She said that surrendering is something that was not taught to me, so that’s why I can not understand. But she also convinced me that as now is the right time for me to learn this, I do not need to worry – I will get it.
Few months after this session I do understand better what surrendering means to me, and how it feels in my body. I also acknowledge the moments when I do not let myself surrender. This happens when I neglect the impulses and intuitions I get and when I do not share my truth.  I have not been transparent to myself or to the other people.

A friend told me this week that she is depressed. I told her that in my opinion depression is a result of unexpressed aggression or hate that has been pressed down for a while. From this thought our conversation continued to the feeling of shame, which I believe is self-loathing and finally we discussed about ones inner determination and if we let ourselves express that freely. I find this such an interesting topic. During each day we receive lots of impulses to express our will or desire and needs to set our boundaries.  What happens if we systematically disregard these impulses. All that fiery energy of positive aggression that is supposed to flow outwards, that is created for expression and action, turns inside. Well that obviously makes us very angry as it is such a crime to the self.  Then we hide this anger from ourselves, and boom! Ladies and gentlemen, we have created the Finnish national disease – depression. It’s like slowly forgetting who we are.

I am thinking that the name of the game is to boldly express ourselves. Funny thing is, that especially in Finland a straight forward self expression sometimes holds a slightly negative connotation. It is considered a bit arrogant as acting all controlled and calm is more acceptable in our society.

Regardless of what is acceptable in Finland, in my basic family or in the world, surrendering to myself, to my impulses and desires feels really good. In my experience, surrendering seems to be a channel to receive love. I practice this with joy and enthusiasm. Of course I get really nervous at times and my heart beats like crazy, but that actually means that I am alive. Fear and shame comes and goes, but they can’t stop me, if I don’t let them.

I am a master of analyzing and pondering. I am used to chewing everything to the very last bit and only after that I have been able to pass it on. No risks, no carelessness. I have used incredible amounts of time and energy to the most simple things. I have sticked with things instead of letting them, life and people flow through me.

About a month ago two clear images came to my mind:
In the first one I am standing and there is a stream of life flowing heavily through me. I am unable to move my feet, I am not even supposed to move them. In the stream there are people, things, experiences from A-Z, everything that human life offers. Things that come with the stream raise a lot of feelings and sensations in me and I have a hard time processing them all. I stand there and my attitude on myself and to this stream of life is that I try to grab, hold on, understand and ponder everything that flows through me. The law of life is that everything is moving forward, everything is just visiting, nothing stops. I am exhausted and scared. My body is in a constant extreme stretch because my feet are planted on the ground. My body hurts and muscles ache, I do so much work on holding on to everything. Everything is out of control, slipping through my hands and my fingers hurt.

In the second picture I stand on the same place and the stream of life storms through me. In this picture I no longer try to grab, understand or hold on to anything. I don’t try to force life or people into my will. Instead I stand there relaxed, in joy, acceptance and ease. I am like a water plant that sways softly and dances with the stream with its roots firmly on the soil. I still have a lot of feelings and sensations, but now I let them flow through me, I let them go. My body feels fantastic and I let everything touch me. Everything I come in contact with seems and feels wondrous and important. But not in a way that I would want them for myself. Everything can come and everything can go. I have accepted that this is how its supposed to be. I’ve come here to admire.

Have an amazing day ya’ll!
With ❤️Amira

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  1. That was definitely something to think about. Don't we all like to control not only our life but the world around us? I guess it would do good to let some things just pass every once and a while. Like they said in a movie called 'Elling' ; prioritet, prioritet 🙂


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