Whispers of the soul

I so love the world of my dreams. My personal growth process has always been guided by dreams. Through showing me the small but significant details, my dreams are mirroring the bigger picture. Dreams are like poems, that tell stories through metaphor. They bring messages from the subconscious and teach me the truth about myself, without a pink filter. If my dreams are strongly conflicting with the reality, I know that I need to pay more attention in being honest with myself. Sometimes I have premonitions about what is to come. Dreams might also give me clues on what to focus on and which direction to take. When a dream is stuck in my mind and I don’t forget it, I know I ought to listen very carefully. While ago I saw two powerful dreams in one night. I want to share them with you, as I feel that the theme of these dreams is something that addresses us all.

Dream 1:

I am on a trip abroad with two friends and we are leaving our apartment to go out. We are at the top of a 9-story building and supposed to go down by ladders. I am horrified. I tell to my friends that this is crazy and that I’m too scared. My friends try to talk me into it as it is the only way down. I feel stupid, incapable, insufficient and different. I see that the ladder is the only way down and the fact, that it feels so difficult for me makes me so anxious. One of my friends passes me and gives me this look like ”c’mon just do this now!” and starts to climb down with ease.

I walk to the edge of the building and look down. I’m so scared and I start feeling dizzy and my eyes get blurry. I try to force myself, but when I take the position to start climbing down, I feel the ladders wobbling and see one bolt loosening and dropping down.. I pull myself back up and say ” No, I am not doing this, it’s too scary!”. My other friend goes by and looks at me with pity in her eyes. I’m on my own now, feeling horrible and desperate. I envy my friends. Defeated, I turn around and suddenly there is a lift right there. It appeared out of the blue. I look at it in awe. I go in through the glass doors and push the button. The lift goes down lightly and smoothly. I walk out in to the sun and wait for my friends downstairs feeling amazed.

Dream 2:

It’s very late in the evening. Me and my friends enter the last restaurant that’s still open. The place is really crowded and about to close. I’m starving. The place serves the best hamburgers in the world. And hamburgers are my favorite food – after sushi of course. At the back of the restaurant there is an opening leading to a big courtyard. There is a big barbecue and lots of people queuing for their burgers. The chefs are taking in the last orders of the night. People are pushing each other to get food. My friends run into the crowd, trying to get their orders. I give up and decide not to go. I see clearly, that there is only a few minutes left, so it’s impossible for me to get what I want, plus I hate crowds and fighting. Feeling hungry I look around and suddenly notice an empty table for three people in the middle of all the action. The table is very nicely set, with linen table cloth and all. I go there and sit down. I watch people enjoying their food. A waiter comes to me and asks politely what I would like to have. I say that I would love to have a burger. He brings the food to me straight away. I sit there in awe and watch the people fighting for their burgers in the courtyard. I eat the best burger of my life and enjoy my chips one by one, wondering what the hell just happened.

I’ve had many dreams where I force myself to do things without any consideration even when feeling uncomfortable or fearful. I just do what I ought to do. This is the first time when I say ”no” in a dream and don’t act the way others want me to. Obviously t a change has taken place in my subconscious.

It’s interesting how hard it was for me to say no in my first dream and how horrible I felt about it. Ashamed that I didn’t act the preconceived way and do what my friends expected. I’ve always thought that my fear is my weakness. I’ve followed other people, done things their way, the way accepted by the society. I never wanted to be different. I thought that I need to win my fears, get over them, face them and then some day all will be well.

However, in my first dream I accepted my fear. Surrendered in front of it even though I felt like I was totally inadequate loser. But what happened was that I got exactly what I wanted. And I got it in the best possible way. Fully designed for my personal needs. I just needed to accept my fear and respect my ”weakness” and a new door opened. A perfect solution; beautiful, fast lift with glass doors appeared and took me to the destination in the most comfortable way. A better way than I could have imagined. I don’t know if I was faster than my friends, I didn’t see that in the dream, so I guess that wasn’t important. But what was important was that the journey downstairs was perfect for me. It was comfortable, enjoyable, fast, easy and relaxed.  My way.

The co-operation between me and my soul touches me deeply. My soul whispers: listen and appreciate your feelings, even when others disagree with you and you would have to walk on your own. There is nothing to worry about, you are safe. You have your own path, we all do. Sometimes we walk hand in hand and some steps we take by ourselves. What agrees with others may not agree with you. Be brave and take your own steps, even though the path isn’t fully lit yet. You have your own unique road/life mission. It reveals itself moment by moment, when you have the courage to say no to things that don’t feel good and go towards the ones that feel good. When you live like this, your unique path opens up with ease and joy, usually better than you could have ever imagined. Life flows like a beautiful little mountain creek always finding its way.

The message is so clear in both of these dreams. Dear human being, don’t swim against your own tide! Trust the impossible and trust in magic. Trust that you’ll receive all that you need, when you are truthful to yourself and don’t start pushing and forcing your way. Breath and relax. Know that you are worthy of the very best in this world. Trust yourself and your feelings, from there you’ll find your path. Do things your own way, walk your own unique path. You don’t need to work so hard. It’s time to receive.

Of course my mind tells me that it’s not possible in life to get what I need and wish without trying hard. But obviously my soul does not agree at all with this. It says: No my love, that’s not the way. You are infinitely worthy and you don’t need to struggle.

With ❤️Amira

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