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I just returned from Bali were I met this incredible lady, Ines. It was love at first sight. Ines is among other things an Access Consciousness facilitator and she introduced me to this interesting idea that consciousness judges nothing and includes everything. That every time we judge we exclude ourselves from receiving and cast ourselves into separation.

This kind of blew my mind..

I started thinking on about how we, and all that is, is this one vast consciousness split into small pieces and every time we come into contact with something or someone we are meeting a part of ourselves. It really struck me that actually whenever I judge, I cannot be part of this vast consciousness and I make myself small and lonely.

I started to notice how much I actually judge. I became aware of these little, almost undetectable thoughts and notions pouring out of me in different situations. They weren’t harsh, but they were there. These little statements like: What the hell is he talking about?, I’m not good enough, this is boring, she’s weird, I don’t like this, I wish something more interesting would happen, I know better, He’s wrong!, this should be happening differently, I don’t know what to do, I don’t like the way this person speaks to me, I want something..? but it’s not here and so on..

As I looked at all this from the perspective of oneness I could feel, that by judging and labelling I was cutting myself off from feeling and receiving the energy of love. It didn’t feel good. I realized, that actually my body does not like to judge and that judging is somehow against of what I am deep down.

What if I would welcome all that comes my way?

The mind rushed in. WOW hold on!!. How could I ever be that accepting towards life, people and myself, that I would accept everything? How could I ever accept all the wrong in this world?, the pain in me?, all my emotions and thoughts?, not getting what I want, a damn mosquito bitting me? Having a bad day? Why would I want to accept?

Simply because it feels good, it feels better than not to.. It feels right..

So I asked, how? The answer was, what if I would allow myself to just be and practice the state of curiosity and allowance with all that is. Not having so many opinions. I thought hmmm.. I could do that. I would not need to label the things and people I come in contact as good or bad. Things are bad enough in this world, how does it help the game, when I bring my negative or superior labelling to any situation? It really doesn’t help.

By exploring this idea I could sense a shift. I felt that by being in a state of allowance and curiosity I would not energetically reject and I would stay in connection to myself and love and I would feel at ease. This felt enormously empowering, joyful and light. I started thinking of children who are constantly in a state of curiosity to what is around them. They live from this state.

To my knowledge there are only two root energies present in this world. Fear and love and we have the right to choose from which we live. Every moment we create our reality. It doesn’t matter if are we aware of this ability or not. It is happening. So it all comes back blazing. Always and all the time.. It’s important to focus on and acknowledge this.

Im so excited about this and so keen on exploring more of this. Consciousness judges nothing and includes everything. There is no good and bad in it. Everything is allowed in the whole. This is love and this is gratitude. So true and simple really. I am everything and everything is me, so whenever I judge anything I am judging myself and I separate myself from the whole, from oneness, from all that I am.

So I wonder, what would it be like to live fully from receiving..?

It actually feels funny, this need I have, to say how things are, to make my mark, to be right. When I come into my heart space, this need fades to the background and I become quiet and still and joy starts sneaking in. The mind is the one who always wants to be superior to all. It’s so cute in all its glory really. So I’ll just smile and let it sit on it’s pedestal.

With lots of  ❤️ Amira

P.s. more on access consciousness

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