Freedom of choice

During the last few months, especially in the past weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about how we all have the liberty to choose in the moment how we relate to ourselves and to the world around us. I feel this is becoming more and more important because of this time that is at stake. We the humanity have chosen to change, to transform as a collective. We are all moving from fear to love, from head to heart and body. Mama Gaia has already lifted her vibrations to support this process.

Before it took a lot longer for anything to be manifested/created from energy to form, but now we have entered this new time where everything will occur in a much faster pace. I’ve noticed this so concretely. If I just think of something or someone for a little bit, it doesn’t take long and it’s here. The matrix is starting to crumble.

Every moment I have the right to choose where I place my concentration and where I direct my energy: to fear, lack and worry or to love, peace and abundance. The one I give attention to grows and becomes created into a new form. I attract what I think, feel and vibrate. This can be an enormous gift or a challenge. When you don’t realize how powerful you are, it’s easy to find yourself in very frustrating situations, thinking why does this shit always happen to me.

Regardless, this gift has been given to all of us; we all play with the same rules. It comes with enourmous responsibility. Responsibility for yourself, your energy, your heath – basically your life. We have a huge impact on the people, the animals and the nature that surrounds us. We are always infinitely rich, be it in good or in bad. It’s wonderful that more and more people have become aware or are slowly becoming more aware of their creative power.

I feel that this realization will change everything. We can no longer blame others or life. It is time for humanity to grow up.

Of course, before I truly understand that I create my physical reality, It’s almost impossible to choose how I relate to my present circumstances. I’ll just keep reacting to everything with my old thought and behavior patterns. It is so frustrating, but when I start to realize that I am the one who creates everything I can look at the things in my life that I am not happy with from a higher and wider perspective and understanding. This requires me to understand the deeper laws and regulations of how energy and this existence works. I have to accept that there is more to life than what I can see or touch. Thoughts, feelings and words are not just air, they are something very concrete. It is time for us to realize how incredibly powerful we all are.

Everything that appears and affects me in my life is always a result, a reflection of my previous emotions, thoughts, past lives and unaware subconscious beliefs – nothing more than that. It really helps if I don’t take my reality so seriously. If I have created that which is here now, I can always create something else. I can change how I feel and through that I can change my circumstances in to something more pleasurable.

Nothing is ever final. Everything in life is in constant motion and change, that is the law of life. So when something in life appears displeasing, there is no reason to get worried or victimize yourself. It’s only here to show you where you are with yourself to help you find your way back to your true self. Just be aware of it. You can remind yourself that everything is fine, you are safe, and that this is something old. When you are not satisfied with what you have created you can forgive yourself and start from the beginning. Forgiveness, grace and acceptance is the fastest way back to alignment with your true self that is love.

Just think about it! We are allowed to choose how we look at things in the present moment! How amazing is that! Even if everything is in a horrible state, we still have the permission and liberty to choose how we relate to what is at hand. How incredibly rich and abundant we are, just think how free we are!! We can choose that everything is perfect and sweet right now and so it is. Energy has no other choice but to follow us.

Nobody from outside condemns me into a certain kind of life or experience, even if everything in my life would suggest that. Even that would be my own creation, a reflection of my own past thinking or a subconscious shadow. Again I can concentrate on forgiving myself and others.

I chose all my difficult life experiences so I could grow and learn, even the most horrible ones. I also chose my parents. I am not a victim, I have never been. Truth is that all dysfunctional thought and behavior patterns are learned. So we can always learn new more healthy ways to operate. I don’t have to experience displeasing and difficult life again and again if I don’t want to. I can say ”That’s enough! I will experience something different, something new.” Then we start practicing! We go forth with excitement and lots of grace. We need to be extra gentle, patient and loving to ourselves when learning new ways.

A month ago I met this man on the flight from Helsinki to Perth and he was very concerned with our world situation. He asked me how do I cope with all the horrible shit that is occurring now? I said: with peace, ease, gentleness and understanding. I really feel that everything is just as it should be and that everything occurring now has a higher purpose behind it. We as humanity are in an important phase of transition. We have lived in this planet like we’re in a drunken school party and have not been caring much about our actions and all is happening according to this. The cat is out of the bag. You can commit to relate to all that is going on with peace and love. You don’t have to, but you have that choice. You can see the higher perspective in all. This change will be painful for many, rarely change is painless. Mine definitely hasn’t been, but change teaches and helps us grow.

This time asks everyone, what is actually important? What kind of world do we want to live in? What are our values? No need to worry. Old energies are at the surface and being released. You can help the situation the same way as you would help your own life or your own energy field and that is by concentrating and doing that what feels good and right, by being your authentic self, being graceful, compassionate and loving to yourself and everyone around. We are all doing our very best always and that is enough. This is how these old dense energies are able to transform into light.

Together we can change this planet to a paradise and we will, I have no doubt. As more and more people realize this and take good care of themselves, their energies, their surroundings and work towards love and joy in their individual lives, the faster these energies of fear transform in the collective. One person can make a big difference. We are one.

Peace and ❤️



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