The Universe has your back


Few months ago life started to bombard me with the sentence “The Universe has your back”. It came from everywhere. This sentence popped up in conversations, in social media, as a flower decoration on the stairs in a restaurant, and then I bumped into Gabriella Bernstein’s book The Universe Has Your Back. The icing on the cake was that I was much more interested in another book she had written called Judgement Detox, but I ordered them both. I decided to first dive into the book about judgement. Finally the parcel arrived and with great excitement I opened it, but surprise surprise, no Judgement Detox to be seen, instead what landed in my hands were two copies of The Universe Has Your Back. I could do nothing but laugh and I had to accept that obviously the Universe really wants me to understand this in a deeper way and that I was being led to focus on the fact that the Universe has my back.

As long as I can remember I’ve had this painful, scary and really annoying belief that when something good happens or when I receive something wonderful, it will be taken from me. For years this belief has poisoned my life, dwelling deep in my subconscious mind, in my belief system. Usually so that when I get something that I’ve really deeply hoped for, I soon get afraid of losing it and start compulsively thinking of that and then it actually happens. Besides all my effort and positive thinking I haven’t been able to let go of this fear and so I’ve been creating this painful scenario again and again.

It is interesting why and when one finally says enough is enough. Maybe because my guidance was fully pushing me into the corner with it’s “Universe has your back” campaign, I started to feel a bit childish and even stupid every time my thoughts and fears started to rally in regards of losing this or that. In the end I couldn’t do anything else than to observe myself from the side with amusement, so I made a decision. I decided to stop trying, forcing and chasing things.

I got a lot of great inspiration, support and ideas from Gabby’s book. I thought that what is supposed to be will be, and the things that would leave, the things I didn’t get, were never meant for me in the first place. I’ve finally also started to learn that if I want change, it requires that I concretely do or act in a new and different way than before. Nothing happens without this. In her book, Gabby speaks about the importance of learning to trust, lean and put faith in the infinite love, wisdom and creative solutions of the Universe and in the magical power that we hold when we reunite with our presence, instead of trying to push through everything ourselves. This does not mean that we needn’t work for our dreams, no we still need to do the work. It means that we let go of that excess crazy fuss that we all do so easily. We analyse, force, try, push, worry and stress – we get in the way. We focus our energy on fear and worry and make it impossible for things to naturally and easily flow our way.

I made the choice to trust life and that it wants my best in everything. I let go of the need to control. Occasionally I felt almost insane because my mind was continuously feeding these familiar old fear based thoughts, but every time this happened I chose to surrender immediately. I asked my spirit for help in different ways and gave the thing or the situation that was bothering me to the Universe and my higher consciousness for fixing. This was surprisingly easy and it actually worked. This is how I got myself out of the way and immediately my mood lightened significantly.


Lately I’ve been more peaceful and stress free than ever before, because when the old fearful patterns come up, I know how to calm them quickly by choosing love instead of fear. This is an important realisation – to let go of fear as quickly as possible. I cannot control my fear or my thoughts, but I can choose not to believe them. By doing this, they vanish like smoke in the air.

I’ve been looking deeper into the dynamics of stress and worry. They are like battle and warfare, but inside a person. When I stress or worry about anything, about another person, a friend, about my health, about someone else’s health, work, my relationships, anything big or small, what I do is that I actually control. I say to the flow of life, “No! You should not flow that way”. Like this, I step out of the flow and start to swim against the current. I start creating stress. Instead of asking for help and trusting and surrendering to this infinite knowledge, love and power of the Universe and my higher consciousness, I project my old negative experiences and thought patterns into life and lose connection to reality and to my presence. My so called shadow side becomes activated – this can be a unfinished negative experience, fear or mistrust, something that I haven’t accepted, worked through and integrated, which I then project into the situation I am in. I could say that I start to look at life through old dirty spectacles and lose connection to that one and only thing that can give me that joy, contentment, power and energy I so desire – I disconnect from the power of my presence.

Asking for help and surrendering is so much easier and lighter than fearing, analysing, and resisting. Then you can just chill and let what ever is coming come and keep out of the way. Because stressing and worrying is just that, it is getting in the way of life and forcing, controlling and sabotaging. How often we, for example, cling onto difficult situations and relationships, that would be naturally ending, instead of letting life do these natural and important updates?

It is incredible to notice how everything goes with such ease and so much better than I can imagine, when I don’t let the little me interfere and go crazy about it. I just let the Universe and my spirit do their thing, show me my direction and surrender to receive. So much more fun and really exciting. I just came across with this situation that first looked horrible. I immediately came in contact with a lot of fear and resistance, but straight away I made the choice to surrender and let go. I asked for help and instead of fearing I chose to trust that the Universe knows what it is doing even though the situation seemed horrible and hopeless. What then happened was that the Universe removed this thing just to replace it with something better. The new thing was perfect in so many ways that I could not ever have thought of that. The Universe is incredible! This feeling of space and relief I experience when I surrender instead of stressing and choose to trust in good, is like the best day you’ve ever had. I’m super grateful and excited about this new collaboration with the Universe and I’m wondering with a twinkle in my eye, what gorgeous things we will end up creating together.

With ❤️ Amira

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  1. great post! for a lot of people it might sound as BS ( and i don’t mean that negative) but you have to experience it , to understand it. I can tell some great examples of my own life. The hard thing is to keep believing and trusting to force of the universe…even when you are experiencing hard and difficult times.
    Have a great adventure!


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