In the end of June I noticed a post on my friend’s instagram, where she announced, that she was taking a break from social media for the month of July. Immediately I got inspired, but also little horrified. I’ve never taken a longer break from social media, while staying home in Helsinki. On vacations I […]

It’s the year of 1996 and I’m living in London, at Ladbroke Grove. I work as a professional model. I’ve been in the business for almost ten years. I live with my roommate Claire and her five year old daughter Ione. I’m dreaming of a new profession. Claire’s friend Lisa is visiting and says that […]

On the morning of 12.6.2020 as I was scrolling facebook I bumped in to a heated conversation that a white friend of mine was having on his wall with around ten other white persons. They were ranting and dismissing something that I thought was supportive and respecting this process of racial equality. I decided to […]

Through my whole life, since I was a little girl I have witnessed this enormous emptiness or silence as a part of me. It has felt like an open black hole that is dark, invisible and limitless. I have tried to avoid and escape this experience in all ways possible. I’ve kept busy, retreated into […]

Meditation has been in my life around five years on and off. I’ve tried many different techniques, had several teachers and I’ve done group meditations as well as my own daily practice. For the past year and a half I’ve meditated daily. Many people say that meditation helps them, that they feel different after sitting […]

  About nine years ago, I made an interesting experiment. For a long time I had been thinking about our society’s enormous need for consumption and the amount of clothes and stuff I had at home.. More than enough of everything. My closet was full of nice clothes and I didn’t even use them all. […]

The year 2018 was a hard one, forcing me back to my center on every turn and twist. Feels like the phenomenon still continues. Life is not allowing me to leave myself, even for a moment. This of course is a wonderful thing and is gradually rooting me more deeply into my true self as […]

Year ago in December a lovely astrologist Kirsi Halla-Seppälä told me that the year 2018 will be a year of receiving and surrendering for me. Great! Finally an easy year, I thought. Life will give me abundantly and all I will do is receive the goods. Well it hasn’t been quite like that. By September […]

This summer right after my partner and I had split up, my friend Stephen asked me: “So what went wrong Amira?”. I replied “nothing went wrong”, even though at that moment the deeper meaning of our break up had not yet revealed itself to me. I replied “nothing went wrong”, because I have realised that […]

This spring has been quite a ride emotionally, not to say that my life isn’t like that pretty much always. I have always felt everything strongly. There have been a lot of joyous occasions, especially my wonderful new acting job – a stage production of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” in the Suomenlinna summer […]