Year ago in December a lovely astrologist Kirsi Halla-Seppälä told me that the year 2018 will be a year of receiving and surrendering for me. Great! Finally an easy year, I thought. Life will give me abundantly and all I will do is receive the goods. Well it hasn’t been quite like that. By September […]

This summer right after my partner and I had split up, my friend Stephen asked me: “So what went wrong Amira?”. I replied “nothing went wrong”, even though at that moment the deeper meaning of our break up had not yet revealed itself to me. I replied “nothing went wrong”, because I have realised that […]

This spring has been quite a ride emotionally, not to say that my life isn’t like that pretty much always. I have always felt everything strongly. There have been a lot of joyous occasions, especially my wonderful new acting job – a stage production of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” in the Suomenlinna summer […]

Few months ago life started to bombard me with the sentence “The Universe has your back”. It came from everywhere. This sentence popped up in conversations, in social media, as a flower decoration on the stairs in a restaurant, and then I bumped into Gabriella Bernstein’s book The Universe Has Your Back. The icing on […]

I spent the month of April 2016 in Bali. Many of my friends had travelled there and they all had experienced massive internal changes. They told me how the energies in Bali had put them in deep empowering, cleansing and transformative processes. It apparently has its own saying, called the Bali Magic. One friend of […]

Wow, what a year 2017 was, probably the most unexpected so far. The year started with a break up from a relationship that didn’t feel good. The whole thing was really challenging because it had very similar elements to my relationship with my mother. It also had a lot of the same problems that I […]

Lately I’ve payed attention to the fact that this world is really going through chaos, and so is my emotional life. I feel like nothing stays put like it did before and the energies are moving rapidly in different directions. At the same time I’ve noticed that during the past year I’ve experienced more synchronicities […]

Two and a half years ago I suddenly lost interest in all the things I had previously been doing and fell in to some kind of a vacuum where I felt like doing nothing. That scared the shit out of me and I felt like my life lost its ground. I’ve always been the one […]

During the last few months, especially in the past weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about how we all have the liberty to choose in the moment how we relate to ourselves and to the world around us. I feel this is becoming more and more important because of this time that is at stake. […]

I find it incredible that we can straight up lie to ourselves and other people whilst calling it something very different. It’s so common and easy to discard your truth when you sense that it contradicts with the will of another person or with the wants and needs of your ego. I’ve done this an […]