For three years now, I have been passionate about couple dances. During the past year I’ve been constantly amazed by how much I still learn through dancing and especially how my dance experiences keep expanding. One part of me believes that this is logical and how things roll in life. Other part wonders how utterly […]

Beginning of May I had an appointment with my osteopath. During the treatment, he told me that he feels like I’m unconsciously turning my back to something important in my life. I couldn’t think of anything. I asked him what it could be. He didn’t know what it was. Only answer I got from him, […]

Couple of months ago I went to a body/energy treatment, in which the focus became about surrendering and about the fact that the whole concept was incomprehensible to me. Even though my energy healer, Auli, patiently explained to me the purpose and meaning of surrendering, I had no clue what she was talking about. I […]

The mind is such a trickster – at least my mind is. Mostly my mind lives in it’s own world, with no interest or notion of the external reality or of who I really am. My mind is like an undisciplined, excited little boy who loves pranks 24/7. Today I laugh, because I see my […]

Lately I have been thinking and processing, what does it really mean to be honest and truthful to myself and others in a deeper level. It’s quite funny, that three of my closest friends are also in this same process. So what is it then? One’s own truth. Since I was small, I’ve had this […]

This time I am not the writer of this story. Instead I invited my lovely friend Marika, to be a guest writer in my blog. When Marika told me about this beautiful and inspiring realization/experience she had had, I thought strait away, that it could bring together, help and inspire many couples in long relationships, […]

Past months have been quite hardcore in the world, because of all the crazy conflicts. People are sad, angry and scared. But, I have to say, that this fear based energy, that storms around, has it’s opposite too. Lot of good is happening and people wake to think what is important. If I think, when […]

Two and a half years ago I was taking a walk around the bay of Töölö, when I saw a group of people dancing at the amphitheater next to the opera house. I stopped to admire thinking that as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to dance couple dances. I spotted my friend Iiris […]

They say, that before a soul incarnates into the physical body and to the Earth, it reveals it’s name to the parents . My name is Amira Susanna Khalifa. When I was young I resented my name. I felt it was weird and too different from others. I wanted to be Ronja, from the movie […]

I want to share this brilliant writing or rather say a teaching with you, since it has helped me so much. I hope it reaches and brings peace and clarity to as many as possible. I got this writing from my friend Sirpa about three years ago. She originally received it as part of a […]