The mind is such a trickster – at least my mind is. Mostly my mind lives in it’s own world, with no interest or notion of the external reality or of who I really am. My mind is like an undisciplined, excited little boy who loves pranks 24/7. Today I laugh, because I see my […]

Lately I have been thinking and processing, what does it really mean to be honest and truthful to myself and others in a deeper level. It’s quite funny, that three of my closest friends are also in this same process. So what is it then? One’s own truth. Since I was small, I’ve had this […]

This time I am not the writer of this story. Instead I invited my lovely friend Marika, to be a guest writer in my blog. When Marika told me about this beautiful and inspiring realization/experience she had had, I thought strait away, that it could bring together, help and inspire many couples in long relationships, […]

Past months have been quite hardcore in the world, because of all the crazy conflicts. People are sad, angry and scared. But, I have to say, that this fear based energy, that storms around, has it’s opposite too. Lot of good is happening and people wake to think what is important. If I think, when […]

Two and a half years ago I was taking a walk around the bay of Töölö, when I saw a group of people dancing at the amphitheater next to the opera house. I stopped to admire thinking that as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to dance couple dances. I spotted my friend Iiris […]

They say, that before a soul incarnates into the physical body and to the Earth, it reveals it’s name to the parents . My name is Amira Susanna Khalifa. When I was young I resented my name. I felt it was weird and too different from others. I wanted to be Ronja, from the movie […]

I want to share this brilliant writing or rather say a teaching with you, since it has helped me so much. I hope it reaches and brings peace and clarity to as many as possible. I got this writing from my friend Sirpa about three years ago. She originally received it as part of a […]

Kali is a Hindu goddess that has been called the goddess of death and destruction. But, to be frank, Kali only brings death to the selfish and delusional ego. Kali is a fierce and fearless destroyer of evil and negativity, liberator of the soul and the goddess of enlightenment. To someone who is deeply attached […]

One Sunday Hannu proposed that we would go to Viikki forest for a walk. We rode there with bikes and it was a beautiful sunny evening. (The place is absolutely gorgeous, so if you haven’t been there, I truly can recommend it!) We were walking this one path and stopped at a bird-watching tower. There […]

Feels funny to start writing this blog, when just a while ago I said to my friend, in about ten different ways, NO WAY!, when she suggested that I should start writing. My basic resistances surfaced- I couldn’t, I’m not good enough, I wouldn’t have anything to say, nobody is interested in my stories, I […]