Kali is a Hindu goddess that has been called the goddess of death and destruction. But, to be frank, Kali only brings death to the selfish and delusional ego. Kali is a fierce and fearless destroyer of evil and negativity, liberator of the soul and the goddess of enlightenment. To someone who is deeply attached […]

One Sunday Hannu proposed that we would go to Viikki forest for a walk. We rode there with bikes and it was a beautiful sunny evening. (The place is absolutely gorgeous, so if you haven’t been there, I truly can recommend it!) We were walking this one path and stopped at a bird-watching tower. There […]

Feels funny to start writing this blog, when just a while ago I said to my friend, in about ten different ways, NO WAY!, when she suggested that I should start writing. My basic resistances surfaced- I couldn’t, I’m not good enough, I wouldn’t have anything to say, nobody is interested in my stories, I […]